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  • Adults only war clan


Established December 2014

First and foremost we are a WAR clan, not a push clan and not farm clan.

War search starts the same time every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday as shown in War schedule

We are a group of men and women from all over the world. We are primarily based in the USA so our war start time is set at a time that is  universally best for the majority of our clan.

For general communication outside of CoC chat we utilize Google hangouts.  To participate simply download the google hangouts application and add contact "Peter Brewery". Peter Brewery is our Co-Leader Beer and he can accept you as a contact so you can join the group -  

See your co-leader for help if needed. 


About us

Co-Leader: Huganut999

Location: Minnesota USA

Hobbies: Likes to fish 

Loves his new Grandchild!

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Weyland: Co-Leader

Clash of Stats Profile:

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DT: Co-Leader

Clash of Stats Profile:

Location: Ohio

Occupation: Air Traffic Control

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Co-Leader: MAXXX

Location: Iran

Occupation: Good looking

Hobbies: Traveling, CoC

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Leader: Warren

Clash of Stats Profile: https://www.clashofstats.com/players/warren-UPJ9G2JP/profile

Name: Warren Ruby

Occupation: Optician for 30+ years. currently at Broadway Vision Source in Seattle

About Me: Married to Wiz.. Father of 4 with 7 grand kids and counting 


Clash of Stats Profile: https://www.clashofstats.com/players/wizardofeyes-GYJ2RC28/profile:

Name: Travis Radford

Occupation: Shop with membership rewards site

About Me: Married to Warren. Hobbies include Bitcoin, hacking, gardening


Beer: Co Founder - Ghosted the clan August 2017


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Clan member profiles

To add your profile: fill out form below. Under 'Message' include any info you want listed next to your profile. We don't need your real email address


     General Rules

  • We're an Adult clan, 30+ means thirty years old or older.

  • We are a fair play clan no cheating of any kind will be tolerated.

  • Please keep hopping to minimum, if you need to leave the clan more than 2 times a week this is probably not the clan for you.​

  • Participation in monthly Mega All-In WAR is mandatory. If you can't war you can leave and come back after the Mega WAR.


  • Keep your donation ratio close to 1:1​

  • Follow war rules for elder status


                                       Everyone is expected to know and follow the rules.

            *Those who don't are subject to demotion and the boot.

Synopsis of strat:

TH 9s hit equal for 3 stars | TH10s hit TH11s for 2 stars | TH11s hit TH10s for 3 stars 


  • Be specific for clan castle requests (see others requests for example) 



TH9 Group:

Attack your mirrors within the first 4 hours of war.

TH10+ Group:

First attack will be done in the initial 6 hours of war. The TH10+ group will attack the opponents TH11 bases for 2 stars. Discuss your target and strategy with leadership and other members of the TH10+ Group.

TH11 Group:

Attack the opponents TH10s and low level TH11s for THREE STARS. DO NOT use your first attack for something you cannot three star. Discuss your target with a co.



TH10+ Group will use their second attacks for cleanup as before. Lowest 3 available after th9s are done.

TH11 group will use their second attack to get the most stars they can. Strategy will vary from war to war depending on what is left at the end.

  • CALL YOUR TARGET: Second attacks start at the bottom of the map and work their way up. Choose one of the bottom three enemy bases that have not been 3-starred. Lowest members should hit first. TH9s make sure you're on and active early. Get both attacks in ASAP!

  • During the first 4 hours of war you may only hit already attacked bases. This gives everyone an opportunity to attack a fresh target. After the first 4 hours, all bases become available to hit. DISCUSS TARGET FIRST.

  • You must have all heroes and spells available for war unless otherwise stated by a leader.

  • USE ALL YOUR RESOURCES: Study replays, engage others for help with strategy and DO FRIENDLY CHALLENGES BEFORE YOU HIT.

Key Concepts:

*Communicate, communicate, communicate!

*ATTACK EARLY, especially members low on the war map.

*Use well practiced strategies.


*If you do not want to hit your target, please tell a leader as soon as possible.

We appreciate your preparation, organization and communication in getting this strategy enacted. This is our best shot at winning! Thank you for contributing to it!

***Definition - TH10+ Group: Any TH10, 10.5 or engineered 11 in our clan.


Participation is mandatory for the Mega Wars,  preparation starts on the first Tuesday of each month. Plan accordingly to make sure your heroes will be ready. If you can't war for any reason you will have to park your account in our feeder for a few days.


War rules

Record win streak



      War Schedule

War search starts at 8:00 PM GMT / 12:00 PM PST